What's Next Houston? is dedicated to entertaining and educating our viewers to all that Houston has available. We spotlight and inform people on all the latest technology, innovations and inventions that are offered throughout the Greater Houston area. What's Next Houston? also searches out the incredible and one of a kind restaurants, bars, entertainment venues and more that make Houston a great place to live. Join us as we go on an adventure to discover all the hidden secrets that Houston has to offer and find out what is next!

Bringing all the wonder, beauty, & excitement of Houston!

What's Next Houston? is the newest in a long line of successful TV shows produced by P&G Media. For over 30 years we have been a full service, award winning professional video production company that helps guide our clients from concept, script writing, production, post production and even distribution and duplication. Over the years, we have won over 25 National Awards for our clients from small owner operated businesses to large worldwide

corporations such as Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Toyota, General Motors, Diabetes Centers of America, J. Ray McDermott and more. We do it all from a single television commercials to large commercial campaigns, social media videos, corporate videos including marketing, safety, sales and training plus television shows. We specialize in bringing a personal touch with a true commitment to all our projects.


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